Nutritional Value Of Cucumbers Will Change Your Life

The nutritional value of cucumbers make it a much-loved addition to our salads and juices.To know about them, read on.


Cucumbers are the fourth most cultivated vegetable on the planet and known to be one of the best foods for your body’s overall health, often known as superfood. Cucumber has an impressive amount of water (about 96%) that’s naturally distilled, which makes it superior to ordinary water. Its skin includes a high percentage of vitamin A, so shouldn’t be peeled off.

Most of us know that cucumbers have cooling properties and therefore are extremely good for bringing relief towards the eyes in summers. However, they are associated with a number of other health and nutrition benefits too. To understand about them, read on.

Nutritional Profile

Cucumbers are most commonly eaten raw, unless they’re prepared as pickles. Low in calories, a half-cup serving of raw, sliced cucumber using the peel on contains only 8 calories per serving. With simply 0.06 grams of total fat per serving, and fewer than 1 gram of sugar, cucumbers are a nutritious choice, especially given that they also contain almost half a gram of dietary fiber per half cup serving. Dietary fiber is essential for slowing down your body’s digestion of food, giving your system enough time for you to absorb essential nutrients.

Cucumbers are low in fatty foods, have no cholesterol, and contain very low amounts of sodium. They’ve around 95% of water content and that’s why eating cucumbers is a great way of increasing the fiber and water intake. There’s a high content of vitamins A, B6 and C present within the flesh of the cucumber.

Health Benefits

Although the health benefits of cucumbers aren’t widely propagated, this vegetable is really a rich source of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. These nutrients provide cucumbers important anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.

Most people do not know of the immense health benefits of cucumber and would avoid eating cucumber where possible. Fresh cucumber may taste “bland” to some nevertheless its thirst-quenching and cooling properties are refreshing. It serves as an anti-oxidant when taken along with fried and barbequed foods.

Fight Cancers

Cucumber are recognized to contain lariciresinol, pinoresinol, and secoisolariciresinol. These three lignans possess a strong history of research regarding the reduced risk of several cancer types, including breast cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer and prostate cancer.


Cucumbers possess a high water content, making them low in calories by volume. One cup of peeled, raw cucumber slices has only 14 calories when compared with 16 calories in cucumber slices using the peel intact. The low calorie count makes cucumbers a perfect summertime snack for those watching their weights. Chilled cucumber salad is really a refreshing way to stay satisfied without creating a dent in your daily calorie budget.

Weight Loss

Cucumbers are wonderful foods to lose weight. The high water content and almost low calories causes it to be a top contender on the weight loss diet plan. Not to forget, this fruit suppresses hunger pangs and cravings.

Home care

Eliminates a foggy mirror. Before you take a shower, rub a cucumber slice along a mirror and it will eliminate the mirror fogging up. Instead of WD40, take a cucumber slice and rub it along a squeaky hinge and your door stop squeaking.


Cucumbers are rich in antioxidants that help in protecting the body against various diseases. Based on studies cucumbers contain lower amounts of phytochemicals and phenolic compounds and also have an anti-proliferative affect in relation to cancer cells.


Peeled cucumber also includes small but significant amounts of several vitamins, including vitamins C, B-6, A, D, E and K, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, folate and choline. A diet that consisted solely of cucumbers wouldn’t fulfill the daily requirements of those vitamins, but eating cucumbers will contribute to your daily vitamin requirements.

Nutritional Value of Cucumbers
Nutritional Value of Cucumbers

Cancer Treatment

The healing properties of cucumbers are very well known as it contains lariciresinol, pinoresinol, and secoisolaresinol, the three lignans that are known to be useful in fighting cancers for example breast cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer and prostate cancer.


Cucumbers are extremely “cooling” and not suitable for people with rheumatism. But we know since cucumber can help counter uric acids which are causing inflammation in joints. When cucumber is taken it will its cleaning work at the joints, thus stirring up pain because it eliminates the uric acid. This means additionally, it help other inflamed conditions like arthritis, asthma, and gout.

Relieves Bad Breath

Have a slice of cucumber and press it towards the roof of your mouth with your tongue for 30 seconds, the phytochemcials will get rid of the bacteria in your mouth responsible for causing bad breath.

Healthy Foods To Build Your Stamina

Different foods provide energy at different rates. These are some of the best vegetarian foods that increase stamina naturally.

Healthy Foods
Healthy Foods

Everything we do in our daily life requires stamina. While certain foods in your diet can in fact reduce stamina, healthy foods help to build up your stamina while increasing your energy level, especially if you’re interested in sports and athletics. As a sportsperson, you’ll need foods that are designed to not only give you energy but also keep you feeling full all day long.

Different foods provide energy at different rates. Some foods are good for a quick burst, while some provide constant energy. For improved stamina, the best choice of fuel can keep you going all day long.

Green Leafy Vegetables

They’re a storehouse of micronutrients that not only build up your stamina, but additionally improve the red blood cells count. They’re rich in fiber and essential nutrient that you need.

Peanut Butter

Peanuts are said to contain Omega 3 fatty acids that helps in reducing pain, boost heart health and develop your brain. Peanut butter can also be excellent for building stamina. It is high in calories and digests slowly. Consume peanut butter in conjunction with complex carbs.


It is unprocessed and power-packed carbohydrate that gives you energy for a long time. It has complex carbs in high amounts and enables you to feel full for longer hours.


Eggs, especially if both yolk and white are consumed, can be a great whole-food choice to provide micronutrients and protein. Dietary protein is important since it provides our bodies with amino acids, which will help build muscles and nourish the body.


Bananas contain dopamine which helps to build focus. It is a good source of healthy carbs and lets your stamina be built. This fruit contains other valuable nutrients too and helps to check on unnecessary hunger pangs.

Beetroot Juice

Consuming a glass of beetroot juice before exercising can make your body work for long hours without feeling exhausted. Beetroot is rich in vitamin A and C – both assist in building stamina and reducing fatigue.


This fruit provides healthy doses of fat that the active body will utilize as fuel to power through a grueling day or workout. It’s also rich in vitamin C, fiber, vitamin K, folate and B6. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant and may support the adrenal glands, which can be overworked during times of stress.

Foods To Build Your Stamina
Foods To Build Your Stamina


This widely accepted beverage tastes great and enables you to feel energized all through the day. It provides you with instant energy and it is extremely effective in fighting fatigue. It contains antioxidants that are beneficial for you.


Quinoa (Bathua) was declared to become a sacred grain and was fed towards the warriors so that they could get energy! It has eight essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and fibre. It provides instant energy and keeps you active. It’s simple to cook and can be cooked like rice in just 10 minutes.

Cottage Cheese

This source of protein can provide all the necessary amino acids your body needs to rebuild muscle and tissues after exercising. A vegetarian-friendly protein source, cottage cheese also includes other nutrients that can help support an active lifestyle: calcium, tryptophan, vitamin B12 and selenium.

10 Foods That Make Your Skin Glow

Everyone has a popular face cream or treatment, but beautiful skin begins with nourishment from within. Here’s what to add to your diet to improve the health of your skin.

Food For Glowing Skin
Food For Glowing Skin

You probably think about how nutrition affects your internal health and your weight, but eating the best foods can also improve the quality of your skin. Everyone has a popular face cream or treatment, but beautiful skin begins with nourishment from within. Older cells are continually shed and replaced by younger ones along with a steady supply of micronutrients is essential to aid this rapid growth.

If you have been making the changes to your diet advised within the first two days of this series, you’ll already be on the way to improving your looks. However, you will find certain foods that are well worth including in your diet if you wish to get trim and exude natural beauty on the beach. Here’s what to add to your diet to improve the health of your skin.


Perfect for skin and hair, milk has riboflavin (Vitamin B2), which regenerates glutathione, a strong antioxidant to repair and maintain tissue. A natural supply of Vitamin A, milk helps you get a healthy, beautiful skin.


This indication of summer is around 90 per cent water, which hydrates the body. It’s packed with vitamin C, which is required for healthy collagen production. Its antioxidants make it a free radical scavenger, which helps prevent indications of ageing.


Fresh produce like blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries are delicious within their prime, but we really loves them because they’re full of antioxidants, which can protect skin from the damaging effects of the sun.


Mashed strawberries combined with honey, avocados or yoghurt may bring a healthy radiance to the skin. But you may also use the juicy red fruit to whiten teeth. Strawberries contain malic acid, a natural whitening agent.

Pumpkin Seeds

Another seed having a powerful skin-beautifying effect, pumpkin seeds get their power from both beauty mineral, zinc, and essential fatty acids including omega 3, omega 6, and omega 9. Like hemp seeds, they assist reduce inflammation in the body. Try them sprinkled on salads, in smoothies, or simply through the handful.


Along with vitamins and minerals, this tropical fruit contains bromelain, considered to fight inflammation. Lessening inflammation also brings comfort for people with sunburn, which could occur all year round – so make sure to slip slop slap, even in winter.

Citrus Fruits

Oranges, grapefruits, lemons, limes, mandarins – name a citrus fruit and it’s probably good for your skin. Their vitamin C and proteins, like proline and lysine lead to collagen production, which can keep skin looking young.


This creamy fruit offers a healthy dose of vitamins on its own. Better still: when you pair avocado having a carotenoid-rich food, such as tomatoes, carrots, or bell peppers, it can help you absorb as much as five times more of the antioxidants lycopene and beta carotene.


Coconut Water

Hydration is important throughout the year, so instead of reaching for sugar-laden sports drinks. It supports youthful and supple skin, because of it’s hydrating powers and its hearty dose of potassium, which will help deliver more nutrients and oxygen towards the skin by boosting circulation.

Hemp Seeds

These tiny little seeds are comprised of a massive amount of protein, such as the sulfur-bearing amino acids: methionine, cysteine, and cystine, which are used to build strong hair, nails, muscle, and skin.